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DDP Charities

Duke’s Dog Pound (“DDP”) is a group for passionate Toronto Marlies fans.  We’re also passionate about giving back in our communities.  Our charitable activities are focused around:

  • Charities that organize group nights at Toronto Marlies games.
  • Charities that our members are passionate about and are prepared to organize activities at Marlies games for (with the support of those charities).

For 2012-2013, we have a fundraising target of $600.

Active Fundraising Efforts
The following is a list of active fundraising activities that we are a part of:

DECEMBER 1 – 3rd Annual DDP Cancer Charity Box

Thanks to everyone who came out on December 1st.  We raised $400 for the Canadian Cancer Society!

Charitable Organization Eligibility
To be eligible for Duke’s Dog Pound support, the charity must:

  • Be a registered Canadian charity as defined by CRA rules and regulations.
  • Conduct fundraising activities at any Toronto Marlies home game.
  • Obtain the support and commitment of at least one (1) DDP member who agrees to organize and promote DDP activities for that charitable night.

All charitable organizations must send an email to us detailing the nature of their activities, their charitable registration number, the name of the person in the Toronto Marlies organization that is coordinating your event, and the name of the DDP member who is sponsoring your application to Duke’s Dog Pound.  All requests are subject to the approval of DDP and all information provided will be verified.



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