January 5th  Rockford
January 8th Hamilton
January 11th St. John’s
January 12th St. John’s
January 18th Binghamton
January 19th Hamilton
January 24th Lake Erie
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Marlies Hall of Fame

Duke’s Dog Pound is proud to welcome you to the Marlies Hall of Fame during Saturday home games in Marlies Alley!  Founded on March 1, 2008 with the inaugural inductions on April 12th, we are committed to preserving the history of Marlies and Marlboro hockey in Toronto!

Check out memorabilia from the Marlies and past Marlboros players, including autographed jerseys and pucks, game used equipment, photos, and many other special items.  Because our collection is continually growing, some items are displayed on a rotational basis.  In addition to Marlies and Marlboro memorabilia, check out who Duke’s Dog Pound has inducted into the Hall of Fame and read about their contribution to Marlies hockey in Toronto.














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