January 5th  Rockford
January 8th Hamilton
January 11th St. John’s
January 12th St. John’s
January 18th Binghamton
January 19th Hamilton
January 24th Lake Erie
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2012/2013 Game Schedule

White = Home / Blue = Away

Promotion / Events
October 6 Saturday Hamilton Pre-Season Game in Cobourg.
October 8 Monday Hamilton Pre-Season Game in Brantford.
October 13 Saturday Rochester T-Shirt Giveaway
October 14 Sunday Lake Erie Magnetic Schedule Giveaway
October 19 Friday Hamilton  
October 20 Saturday Hamilton
October 21 Sunday Grand Rapids
October 26 Friday Hamilton  
November 1 Thursday Abbotsford  
November 2 Friday Abbotsford  
November 8 Thursday Houston  
November 9 Friday Texas (Austin)  
November 10 Saturday San Antonio  
November 13 Tuesday Oklahoma City  
November 16 Friday Hamilton  
November 17 Saturday Hamilton
November 18 Sunday Abbotsford
November 22 Thursday Binghamton  
November 24 Saturday St. John’s  
November 25 Sunday Hershey  
November 30 Friday Rochester  
December 1 Saturday Rochester Marlies Mittens
December 2 Sunday Lake Erie
December 8 Saturday Rochester
December 9 Sunday Abbotsford Teddy Bear Toss
December 15 Saturday Rochester  
December 16 Sunday Grand Rapids
December 19 Wednesday Lake Erie  
December 21 Friday San Antonio  
December 22 Saturday St. John’s  
December 26 Wednesday Hamilton ACC Game/Mike Zigomanis Bobblehead Giveaway
December 28 Friday Grand Rapids  
December 30 Sunday Grand Rapids  Outdoor Game
January 2 Wednesday Hamilton
January 5 Saturday Rockford  
January 8 Tuesday Hamilton  
January 11 Friday St. John’s  
January 12 Saturday St. John’s  
January 18 Friday Binghamton  
January 19 Saturday Hamilton  
January 24 Thursday Lake Erie  
January 26 Saturday Wilkes-Barr Scranton Marlies Pom Poms Giveaway
February 1 Friday Rochester  
February 2 Saturday Hamilton
February 6 Wednesday Hamilton School Day Game
February 9 Saturday Chicago  
February 10 Sunday Texas (Austin)  
February 12 Tuesday Hamilton  
February 16 Saturday Hershey  
February 18 Monday Houston Lunch Bag Giveaway
February 20 Wednesday Syracuse  
February 23 Saturday Milwaukee  
February 24 Monday St. John’s  
February 27 Wednesday Rochester  
March 2 Saturday Binghamton  
March 3 Sunday Binghamton Canadian Forces / Hat Giveaway
March 6 Wednesday Syracuse School Day Game
March 9 Saturday Abbotsford
March 10 Sunday Peoria
March 13 Wednesday Lake Erie
March 16 Saturday Rochester
March 17 Sunday Lake Erie  
March 19 Tuesday Lake Erie  
March 22 Friday Chicago  
March 23 Saturday Milwaukee  
March 24 Sunday Peoria  
March 27 Wednesday Rockford  
March 29 Friday Rochester  
March 30 Saturday Abbotsford Goalie Mask Bank Giveaway
April 3 Wednesday Lake Erie School Day Game
April 5 Friday St. John’s  
April 6 Saturday St. John’s  
April 12 Friday Abbotsford  
April 14 Sunday Abbotsford  
April 16 Tuesday Oklahoma City  
April 19 Friday Rochester  
April 20 Saturday St. John’s Dog Day
April 21 Sunday St. John’s Fan Appreciation Day
PLEASE NOTE:  The dates of promotions may be changed by the Toronto Marlies.  For complete schedule details, including promotions, please visit the Toronto Marlies website.

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